Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What IF The Human Pancreas Can Regenerate?

I brought up this subject in a previous post and as I do research I begin to believe more and more that the human pancreas can regenerate its own tissue.

That would explain a lot to me and answer questions I have.

I am going to bore you by going back over old ground because it is important to understand WHY I am beginning to believe there is in fact a possibility of pancreatic tissue regeneration.

If you go back over older posts or visit Pancreatitis - Living with Pancreatitis and re-read my story or even my story on this blog you will note where one of the things Dr. Langdon did to enable him to confirm his suspicion was to use two drugs (injected) that caused me to have an Acute Pancreatitis attack in his office.

He drew blood evey 30 minutes until my enzymes spiked and then he drew blood I think twice more and asked me how many times this had happened and after I told him many times he said I should be dead. That was as blunt as he ever became in regards to death. Ok ...

What I never mentioned is that, even though that attack was NOT fun, it wasn't the worst by any means. Now keep track with me here cuz I rechecked some dates and I have made errors.

So, I have wondered over the years WHY was my last CT scan (It was done in 2005) clean and my doctor I go to know so sure I never did suffer from Pancreatitis? In order to get my current doc to prescribe my nausea drugs I had to prove what I said because my CT scan showed no damage.

Yes, I actually had to call Dr. Langdon's old firm and luckily they had my records in storage and were able to pull them and send them to my current doctor. Now ...

My current doctor was amazed.

Of course he said that it was OLD material but I asked him if he thought there is a cure for Pancreatitis?

And of course he said no.

And so I asked him since there is no cure and the guy who diagnosed me is one of those rare, brilliant men who writes papers for NEJM to share with other docs so they can learn and now teaches at the largest med school in Texas don't you think there is a very real possibility he was quite correct in his diagnosis?

Of course my doc said yes and gave me my nausea drugs.

If you remember Dr. Langdon did a CT scan and endoscopy (after the in office panc attack thing) and then told me I might have 10 years until I couldn't eat anything and would need a panc transplant and that they usually didn't go well.

He never came right out and said I'd be dead in 10 years.

He also never came out and said I had panc damage either. But ...

My abdomen was VERY tender and after he left for Texas something happened.

I noticed this LUMP about center mass where it was most tender. I had NO doc, he was in Texas and you know about my personal experience with most doctors so I just never had it checked out. So I do NOT know what that lump was. But ...

Once I completely overhauled my diet it began to subside and soon it was gone. However it did return from time to time, usually after extremely painful attacks. Yeah, I still had attacks even after my change of diet but they were fewer in amounts. Before I changed my diet I was having them 2-3 times per WEEK!

It was NOT a pretty picture.

I was NOT well, it was hell. But ...

The more fat I cut from my diet the more well I became.

Now let's flash forward to 1994.

That's when I found grapeseed extract.

With diet and grapeseed extract I began feeling like I just might live.

In 1995 I found curcumin. And ...

I had enough research behind me to where I started doing Vit C, grapeseed and curcumin with MY diet.

I really started feeling better.

Then, cuz I wasn't quite pain free I decided to go completely vegan.

What an amazing difference!

In a short time I actually felt good! Now ...

I can not tell you what a short time was because I didn't write it down but I'm thinkin' about 6 months into the vegan thing coupled with all 3 supplements.

I noticed the lump was gone and stayed gone.

My abdomen began to feel normal, not tender all the time.

In about a year I felt almost great!

So, I think ...

What IF that lump was a cyst or swollen damaged tissue?

What IF, after about 10 years of MY rigid regimen of diet and supplements, my pancreas actually healed itself?

I am not saying that IS what happened, I am just saying "What IF?" And ...

That is WHY my last panc CT scan was clean?

Ok, I found more research.

If you have been to my Squidoo page and already read the seven pieces of research I had there you should go back and read the last three I just added. There are 10 pieces now. You can see them here.

It is pretty cool stuff and makes one think.

Later, I hope you have had a nice day :-)

Leav a comment and let me know you are alive!


  1. love your article. thanks so much for posting. funny - just a few days ago i started giving my dog grapeFRUITseed extract with his curcumin and vitamin c. maybe i will switch to grapeseed. i don't think we can wait 10 years for regeneration so we will just have to work harder here. however, i am giving him coconut oil every day because he also has type 1 diabetes. you mentioned getting rid of fats - did that include extra virgin coconut oil?


  2. Arcadia, yes that means ALL oil. If it is oil, it is fat. I know that supposedly coconut oil is good for you but it is oil. Inflamed pancreas tissue does not respond well to oil which ='s fat. And yes, I can see why you'd not want to wait 10 years where your dog is concerned.

    Good luck, thanks for reading.

    P.S. I wouldn't necessarily stop the grapefruit seed extract. If it were me, I'd simply add the grape seed extract to the curcumin, vit C and grapefruit seed extract. That is a very strong combination and quite frankly if your dog doesn't get better with that combo, especially if you are dosing with enough of each every day for say 30 days, well, maybe it will prolong your dogs life a little.

  3. thanks, hg. i will just add in the grape seed and ditch the coconut oil.

    good luck to us all.