Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Word of Warning to Pancreatitis Victims

Pancreatitis is a killer condition, by that I mean the condition can kill you, and I am appalled at some of the information I see on the Net, regarding advice for those who suffer from Pancreatitis.

Either the people giving the advice do not have pancreatitis, are simply trying to make money, at our expense, by selling recipie books and other crap or have pancreatitis and enjoy being in pain.

It doesn't matter which it is, just be aware and when you see someone that says they eat steak and feel better because of it (like I did), yet in other posts mention they are sick and NOT pain free, you need to remember what I have told you.

Red meat does not work for those who suffer with pancreatitis.

I've read blog posts and sites that recommend foods for a pancreatitis diet I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole! My gawd I had no idea there was so much outright DANGEROUS garbage on the net regarding our condition.

In an earlier post I outlined my pancreatitis diet. It is strict, it only shares what is most likely safe to eat and what is NOT safe to eat.

No recipies.

All you have to do as far as recipies is to eliminate anything that isn't safe and substitue something that is within any recipe in any cookbook you now own.

Substitue chicken or turkey for beef, no beef, in homade chili for example.

If you want you can apply to a commercial agency so you can be one of those folks on a commercial for Wendy's that say: "Where's the Beef?" But don't you eat it unless you enjoy being sick!

I personally see no reason to spend a ton of money on recipies but then I'm no chef either. But ...

What I'm concerned about is all the truly dangerous info out there so be very carefull who you take advice from regarding pancreatitis.

I'm not a BS'er, I'm not selling something trying to get rich off of others misery, I am a bonafide walking-talking 32 year survivor that has been pretty much pain free (except for one series of acute attacks in 2005 that were MY fault for not reading labels) for 16 years and I am willing to share exactly what I do for absolutely no cost to you.

Will what I do work for you?

75 - 90% chance it will.

Nothing and nobody is perfect.

I honestly feel due to my own experience and tons of research that very few people who do what I do will find zero relief. In fact, I think with time, if you diligently follow my regimen, you may possibly become totally pain free just like me unless you really screw up.

But remember this, you do everything at your own risk, I do not guarantee shit and I am not a doctor, in fact this whole blog is simply for your entertainment, nothing more.

See there I got ya to smile didn't I?

Leave a comment and let me know you are alive!


  1. Thank you so much for all of this information. I've just been diagnosed with mild chronic pancreatitis. It's been grumbling away since August (I thought I'd pulled a muscle / had an ulcer) and I've just got a firm diagnosis. Probably due to alcohol. I've not had an acute attack and have no intention of experiencing one. It's supplements, a vegan diet and no alcohol ever again for me.

    1. You are welcome. I hope you heal and stay well.