Friday, October 28, 2011

Dangerous Information About Pancreatitis and What Is Ok To Eat

In the article (shown to me by a fellow pancreatitis sufferer) 7 Best Foods For Pancreatitis Diet the author, in their infinite stupidity, suggests that a pancreatitis patient drink red wine because it is full of antioxidants.

This is extremely dangerous information.

Alcohol is the number 1 trigger for Acute Pancreatitis.

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The Health Guy says:
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October 29, 2011 at 12:33 am

You probably won’t publish this because your information is incorrect, even dangerous because …

#1 – Nobody with pancreatitis should consume red wine. Alcohol is the leading trigger for acute pancreatitis and in suggesting that panc patient drink alcohol is almost crimminal. You definitely need to “bone up” on your knowledge of pancreatitis and what causes it and what can create more damage.

#2 – Yougurt is full of probiotics. There is research that indicates probiotics are not good for panc patients especially those suffering from acute pancreatitis. It can cause necrotizing pancreatitis and mortailty from NP is as high as 30%.
Here’s the research on probiotics:

I have pancreatitis. I have had it for over 30 years. I was first diagnosed in 1979 and I am one of the few who have probably survived this long and it wasn’t by drinking alcohol. If you or anyone else wants to really learn how to overcome pancreatitis and avoid more AP or CP pain and suffering go here:

Ok, that won't get posted but at least they know there are people who watch what is written out there.

I have shared with you before that there are blogs, static sites and even sites that are authored by "white coats" doctors that have some seriously dangerous information because they say things like alcohol or steak are ok to eat or used in moderation or some other stupid hogwash that may put you in serious jeopardy.

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL about who you follow online in regards to any information about Pancreatitis. Most don't know shit about what is good in regards to a pancreatitis diet, what you should or should not eat, what eliminates inflammation or how to treat the disease appropriately in non-emergency situations. I am not saying to avoid the hospital when you are having or suspect you are having AP. However ...

IF you pay attention to what I do in regards to anti-inflammatories for pain resolution, MY pancreatitis diet and the supplements I use daily you will most likely avoid another episode of AP. I have had ONE episode of AP in 29 years and it was a nasty one but ...

It was my own fault for not paying attention, for not reading a label more thoroughly and as a result ingesting a potent trigger, pork.

Consuming alcohol as the above article suggests is just simply idiotic. The article also suggests eating yogurt. Unfortunately that may also not be a good thing as there is research that says probiotics increase AP death rate.

Again, be extremely careful who you follow or pay attention to in regards to what you should consume (food or drink) when it comes to pancreatitis because there is a lot of extremely dangerous information out there.


  1. I appreciate your blog here and it has much helpful information.

    I would like to point out that medical study done on probiotics was INTRAVEINEOUS probiotics and we also do not know what strain.

    Sad to say, this could be a medical study designed to bash probiotics in general. I have a friend who is getting great results from internal probiotics along with enzymes, limiting diet etc.

    Making a blanket statement about all probiotics may scare some away from using probiotics altogether and it is clear that we all DO need probiotics in our gut.

    This study, again, was with INTRAVEINOUS probitotics and no strain of bacteria is mentioned...that would have been helpful.

  2. It may be true that the probiotics were given via IV. It is also important to note that the deaths occurred in patients who were experiencing Acute Pancratitis however it is my opinion and that is ALL it is an opinion that adding additional probiotics to your diet when you have pancreatitis (especially those people dumb enough to eat during an acute episode should not eat yogurt) may be asking for big trouble. Personally I can't imagine eating during an acute pancreatitis episode but I have read where people do which I find to be simply dumb. Doctors even have sense enough to take patients off of solid food during an acute pancreatitis episode which is one of the only good things they do for such patients.

    Anyway, you are absolutely correct we do need probiotics in our gut however IF you are experiencing acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis pain it may be prudent to abstain from ingesting probiotics (supplemets, yogurt etc.) until you have resolved your issues.

    Of course you may do as you please it is your life, I however, do not ingest extra probiotics and do not see the need to do so.