Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to STOP an Acute Pancreatitis Attack in 90 Minutes or Less ...

stop acute pancreatitis
Pancreatitis pain can be simply horrible and an acute pancreatitis attack usually involves severe pancreatitis pain.

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis chances are you have had an acute pancreatitis attack, experienced the pancreatitis pain and realize that acute pancreatitis is no fun at all.

I stumbled upon the way to resolve the pain and eliminate the inflammation so that an acute pancreatitis attack resolves in 60 - 90 minutes.

I was given demerol at the ER once and the doctor who diagnosed me gave me demerol (an opiate) in tablet form for pain but ...

Demerol did NOTHING!

What STOPPED the pain?


Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory.

What is pancreatitis?

It is an INFLAMMATION of the pancreas.

Using common sense how would one resolve that inflammation?


Stop Acute Pancreatitis with Anti-Inflammatory Regimen

To STOP, not just relieve, but STOP your acute pancreatitis attack take anti-inflammatory type medication, NOT opiates. Opiates do nothing to resolve the cause of the pain which is inflammation and the fact that your pancreatic enzymes are devouring your own pancreas! The sooner you resolve the inflammation the better! Now ...

Chances are your doctor has no idea how to STOP and acute AP attack other wise he would have prescribed 800mgs of Ibuprofen and told you to do what I do myself to STOP an acute pancreatitis attack. However it wouldn't hurt to ask him for a prescription for 800mgs of Ibuprofen. If ...

He is like most dumbass doctors I have met he'll say no because he doesn't know shit about pancreatitis or this type of regimen protocol. When they do not know about something or there has not been a study that has been published in a med journal you can damn well guarantee his brain will not compute the common sense of using an anti-inflammatory to eliminate pancreas inflammation.


It is rediculous! But ...

Doctors are frickin' STUPID!

They are stupid because:

  • They don't know they are stupid
  • They think they know everything but they are really stupid
  • They think they are God which proves they are stupid
  • They won't listen to a lay person (non-doctor) because there is no way that someone who has not gone to medical school could be more intelligent, which again proves they are stupid!
In order to combat this stupidity and save your ass you may have to pop over to the store and pick up some Advil or generic Ibuprofen. It usually comes in 200mg tabs which means you take FOUR (4) at once in order to achieve an 800mg dose.

  • (4) Four Advil
  • (4) Grape seed caps (100mg each)
  • (2) Curcumin caps (500mg each)
That little cocktail should stop your acute pancreatitis attack in less than 90 minutes.

NOTE: IF the cocktail does NOT resolve the pain and AP in 90 minutes you need to call an ambulance or get your ass to the hospital in some way because you obviously have some complications that need to be addressed FAST!

I wish you good luck and less pain!

P.S. I never seem to get everything said at one time so this had ben added to my orginal post and it is important! IF ...

You are nauseated and/or puking you need to resolve that first otherwise the cocktail to stop acute pancreatits will most likely come right back up and never get the chance to work. You NEED to keep it down for at least 60 minutes! So ...

Take your nausea meds FIRST! One phenergan suppository and a compazine tab. More if needed! If you don't have nausea meds (compazine, phenergan, preferrably BOTH) get your doc to prescribe them. They are essential. Once your nausea resolves take the cocktail. Of course if you don't have nausea you can take the cocktail at the first sign of an acute pancreatitis attack and take the nausea meds too as an added safe guard. You do not want to puke after you take the cocktail!


  1. Hello Sir;
    Thank you for the great advice. This article is may be the most useful one. I totally agree with you about the doctors. Some of them are really researchers like sciencetist, so they are not like what you described but the other %90 percent is just like that and I'm not going to lend my life to them.

    I just have one question tho: How do you come up with the 800mg dose? Is that the dose which stopped your attack or is that a common dose given by 'doctors' for severe inflammations?
    Thanx in adv.


    1. Hiya Metan, hope you are feeling well. I came up with the dose because that was the dosage of the pills my wife had, that I stole one night during an acute pancreatitis attack that did not resolve with demerol. Demerol never did help me. And when I told the ONLY doctor I have ever trusted in regards to pancreatitis (he diagnosed me) about the pills and what they did (I actually brought them to him) he wrote me a script for the same 800mgs of Motrin which is Ibuprofen. So since my wife's pills were a prescription for her female organ trouble I and since my doctor wrote me a script for them that they are "doctor prescribed" but not commonly so because very few people know how to resolve an acute pancreatitis attack with Ibuprofen.

  2. Thanks a million for this advice!!!! Two months back, my aunt who lives with me had a very severe attack of acute pancreatitis, complications where she was unable to breathe and has now developed a pseudo cyst. She spent almost a month in the hospital, most of it in the ICU. She has still not yet recovered completely. Never want to go that route again, so God Bless you for sharing your experience and for your advice so selflessly given.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Diana and I hope your aunt never has to go through an acute pancreatitis attack again. Make sure you see to it that she adheres to a suitable pancreatitis diet and takes vitC, grape seed extract and curcumin to help heal her damage. The pseudocyst may respond to diet and supplements by shrinking. Not guaranteed but possible.

  3. I am taking Spasmo proxyon painkiller to releive the pain immediately which is very helpful for me, any sujjestions on this.