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Pancreatitis Pain: How to Stop Pancreatitis Pain

pancreatitis pain
Pancreatitis pain can be mild to severe. I can personally tell you from experience that you do not want to experience the severe form of pancreatitis pain but I'll wager that if you are reading this blog post about pancreatitis pain that you've been there, done that.

I can remember one acute pancreatitis attack I was kneeling over the toilet when my wife came in (I was married at the time) and she asked me something, probably "what was I doing?"

I asked her "are my guts still inside me?"

I actually remember asking her that exact question but according to her I wasn't real coherent and obviously in severe pain so she got my ass into the car and she drove me to the ER.

This was just one of my many acute pancreatitis attacks and I can say, without doubt, you never want to experience severe pancreatitis pain. Sometimes it felt like something (remember Alien where that giant wormy thing pops out of peoples abdomens?) was trying gnaw a way out and explode from my abdomen.

Pancreatitis pain, especially when severe, is debilitating. Most people can't even phathom what it is like; however if you can imagine the pain associated with pancreatic cancer you are most likely close because pancreatic cancer patients often suffer from acute pancreatitis. So one could say pancreatitis pain is similar to pancreatic cancer pain, which may or may not be true.

Normal medical protocol is to treat pancreatitis pain with opiates such as demerol, morphine and morphine derivities. I've had demerol and it did absolutely nothing. It didn't even take the edge off my pancreatitis pain.

I've talked with several people who have had demerol for different types of pain. It was used years ago to reduce or eliminate pain from surgery and people who had experienced demerol told me it was a wonderful time for them. They flew high in the sky for an hour or two and felt nothing but pleasure.

I thought " how nice for them, isn't doing shit for me!"

I was diagnosed with acute and chronic pancreatitis in 1979.

It took 7 ER visits and half a dozen other doctors to finally figure out what was wrong with me. I don't want to go in to it in this article but let's just say I found out why doctors call their business a "practice."

I was sicker than a dying dog for several years. Then ...

I started drinking grapefruit juice.

I believe I started in early 1982 but get this ...

My acute pancreatitis attacks stopped.

My pancreatitis pain was far less severe and 30 years later I find research on the internet that specifically states that flavonoids, found in grapefruit juice, STOP acute pancreatitis in rats and actually protect their pancreas.  Ok ...

So maybe I am part rat!

All I know is that grapefruit juice stopped my acute pancreatitis and protected my pancreas long before it protected rats. You are most likely shakin' your head thinking this guys a nut so here - READ THIS! Scientists discovered in 2004 what I discovered in 1982, that unsweetened, white grapefruit juice stops acute pancreatitis but ...

At the time I thought it was my low fat diet and the drug called Robinul that my doctor had prescribed starting to kick in. I wasn't smart enough to realize that I'd been on that drug for about three (3) years already and it was most likely something else. Since my really low fat diet was new (within about 6 months) I just chalked it all up to the diet and the drug. But ...

The real winner was the grapefruit juice and ...

Unsweetend, white grapefruit juice can be found at any grocery store.

Fast forward about 12 years to 1994.

In 1994 I discovered antioxidants.

In fact I learned about several very special, highly anti-inflammatory antioxidants that are so powerful they literally stop pancreatitis pain and with diet allowed my pancreas to heal.

As it turns out the medical community stumbled upon my previous discovery as well and published the results of a study done by Pramod Kumar Garg, MD, DM, of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in 2009. Dr. Garg states: "We are encouraged by our findings, as significant improvement was noted with antioxidants in respect to all the parameters of pain in this study. In addition, reduction in pain resulted in fewer man-days lost, thus providing functional employment gain to the patients. The findings should spur further research in this exciting area."

It took the good doctor 15 years more than me to figure out that certain, very powerful antioxidants help pancreatitis pain. Unfortunately the good doctor used antioxidants, such as selenium that can be toxic at high doses whereas I chose NON-toxic, highly anti-inflammatory antioxidants like grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C.

Taken in theraputic doses they will help to control pancreatitis pain and with an anti-inflammatory diet for pancreatitis you may heal like I did and enjoy some pain free years.

Is it worth a shot to change your diet and try some supplements?

If you said yes, then go get the supplements.

You can get grape seed, curcumin, vitamin C, pancreatic enzymes and a muti vitamin/mineral formula at any good health store. Just make sure that the vitamin C, grape seed and curcumin are "stand alone" products. You don't want grape seed, curcumin or vitamin C that is mixed with a bunch of other crap that could be toxic when taken in large amounts.

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  1. Can concord grape juice, also rich in flavonoids, be used instead?

    1. Possibly so. You'd have to try it to see because I never have. Grape juice does contain OPC's like grape seed extract but the concentration is far less but it most likely could help as a daily thing.

  2. I'm very interested in your story and appreciate your sharing your discovery selflessly. How are you doing nowadays? Is your pancrease healed now? Do you also have gallstones? How much grapefruit juice do you drink a day? Thanks so much! LL

    1. Hi LL let take each question one at a time.

      1 Is your pancrease healed now?

      Yes. As much as it can heal. IF I were to eat or drink stuff I am not suppose to eat or drink I'd most likely be sick again. There is no cure for pancreatitis so it is a constant daily watch to make sure I stay well.

      2 Do you also have gallstones?

      No. Not that I am aware of.

      3 How much grapefruit juice do you drink a day?

      I don't drink nearly as much as I did years ago in fact I actually got away from drinking it for years. Then I started again about a year ago but I would guess I drink what would average out to be a glass or two per day. Some days I drink it and some days I don't but if I were still sick like I was when I first started drinking it in 1982? I think it was about then ... I'd be drinking a lot of it every day.

    2. Really nice and helpful posts Thanks to the aurthor

  3. Very interesting. I appreciate youre posts. I just recently started to get sick from pancreatic pain and deffeciancy. Immediatly I began researching online and found your blog.
    Im going to try these supplements as doctors have been of no help to me. Thanks again.

    1. Wow, I apologize. Somehow I missed your post. Thanks for the kind words and visiting my blog. Have you been diagnosed with pancreatitis? If so I wish you better health and healing.

  4. So i had my gallbladder removed due to gall stones and infection, i had constant pain, however now months later i have noticed pain under my left chest peck and also on the left side of my ribs and a little sting on the back left side sometimes, usually after i eat, do you think i have pancreatitis? i decided to get now foods enzymes to see if it helps

    1. Gallstones coupled with infection can be quit serious. It is probably good that you had your gallbladder removed.

      Someone else asked me if I had experienced similar pain, like being pinched or stinging type in about the same area and I told them no but after I said no I experienced something similar after cheating on my diet. YES! I'm human and sometimes I cheat - a little with chocolate and nuts or peanut butter which I used to be able to eat with no problems when I was totally healed but when I had my last pretty bad attack of acute pancreatitis I obviously sustained more damage which seems to have not healed so well and I noticed i do have some "twinges" on my left side now from time to time - usually after I have cheated - which also usually produces nausea now as well. I hadn't noticed the "twinges," cuz they ain't nothing compared to being really sick with AP, until I was asked and then dang, yeah I have noticed them a couple times now.

      I have also found I have needed to double up on pancreatic enzymes when eating protein or nausea sets in. So the last attack did more damage and it obviously isn't gonna heal as well or it is taking longer.

      So again, for all of you who read this blog MY hard core diet diet and supplements are IMPORTANT but they are NOT a cure and yes, I myself get weak and cheat at times and I usually end up paying for cheating. Nothing horrible thank the Lord but not to fun either - I HATE NAUSEA!

      Anyway ...

      About what I think in regards to you having pancreatitis - I can NOT diagnose people on here. I can not diagnose people at all. I even walk a fine line telling people what I do cuz with our screwed up legal system I could probably be prosecuted for "practicing" medicine with out a license. Hell ...

      The FDA and FTC comes after people on the net even for siting articles written by scientists and scholars when they use them to show the potential benefits of products - especially if those products are natural and the drug companies (who pretty much own and control the FDA) do not or can not profit. So ...

      In order to get a diagnosis you'll need to go chat with a doctor. Hopefully you find a good one.

  5. I don't have a gallbladder, had my right kidney out in April 09 due to cancer and was diagnosed in September 10 with pancreatitus now is chronic- new symptom my stools are orange and very loose, my gut feels like its being ripped out every day. EVERYTHING that I put in mouth (including water) gives me pain. I will certainly try grapefruit juice - anything is better than having pain 24/7 and living on painkillers.

    1. You certainly do not sound like you are having a good time. I'm guessing you got pancreatitis from chemo drugs? Anyway ...

      I hope you find relief. IF it were me I'd be tking large doses of vitamin C, curcumin and grape seed extract 3 - 4 times per day.

  6. I have had bouts of debilitating pain for the last 13 or more years. I had my gallbladder removed 20 years ago hoping that would solve the pain but after a week I was back in the same surgeons office asking why the pain was back and continue to suffer all these years later. I agree with you about the "practice" notion, my family has said that for years. Anyway, every time I get the pain now it gets incredibly worse and lasts so much longer and my question is: is there a point where the pancreas doesn't heal? I refuse to go to another doctor to be misdiagnosed so I just suffer with the pain until it goes away but now it just lingers and never really goes away, the severity is just lessened. I will try the grapefruit juice and the other items you mentioned and see what happens! Sorry this is so long and I'm glad you found something that worked for you and helped you heal, that is the most important!! Here's to many more years of you feeling good!! Take care and thanks for the info!!

    1. Yes, I do think there is a point where the damage is so great whether from acute pancreatitis or a surgeons scalpel that there is little or no chance of completely healing. I also think that one can heal minor to moderate damage (depending on where that damage is) so that the pancreas is almost regenerated. I know that sounds contradictory, even wishy-washy. It's the best I can do because some people will heal almost as good as new and others will not.