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Pancreatic Cancer: What Can You Do to Lessen the Risk?

pancreatic cancer
This series on pancreatic cancer or cancer of the pancreas is not intended for the world at large. It is meant mainly for those who have been diagnosed with and still suffer from chronic pancreatitis because ...

As I mentioned in my previous post chronic pancreatitis increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. I have found through research that the culprit is the inflammation associated with chronic pancreatitis, I shared that also in the previous post and it is something you need to be aware of yet this is in no way intended to create fear; only awareness because ...

Cancer of the pancreas is insidious and hard to diagnose quickly because many of the symptoms are those you may already have with chronic pancreatitis. But that is NOT the only bad news concerning cancer of the pancreas. The worst is yet to come.

Pancreatic cancer is aggressive, persistent and does NOT respond to current medical protocols such as chemotherapy or radiation. The ONLY chance of survival seems to be with complete elimination of the cancer via surgery and surgery isn't a guarantee. If the cancer has metastasized (spread to lymph nodes or other organs) life expectancy is usually quite short with inoperable pancreatic cancer life expectancy measured in months.

Watch the follow videos and learn.

Part 2

Visit this site for indepth information on cancer of the pancreas.

Since inflammation of the pancreas is one of the risk factors of pancreatic cancer it seems obvious that whatever one can do to eliminate the inflammation should be done not only to lessen the risk of cancer but to also lessen the pain associated with chronic pancreatitis. So ...

Learn HOW to eliminate the inflammation!

The TWO most beneficial ways to fight inflammation in your pancreas, possibly heal your pancreas and/or lessen your chronic pancreatitis symptoms is to eat a highly anti-inflammatory diet and consume supplements that fight inflammation.

The interesting thing to note is that the supplements I use to fight inflammation in my pancreas also create apoptosis, programmed cancer cell death in some cancers but I could find no proof via studies that suggest they create pancreatic cancer cell death. Pancreatic cancer doesn't seem to die and so the best offense in this case seems to be a strong defense by honing in on the elimination of risk factors such as smoking (stop if you do), refined sugar consumption (sugar feeds cancer cells) and eliminate as much of your pancreas inflammation as possible.

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