Friday, March 8, 2013

Statin Drugs Cause Acute Pancreatitis

I know that sometimes I post joyful news huh? This is probably especially joyful to those of you who may be on statin medication for really HIGH blood fat levels that were the cause of your problems to begin with but sorry - you should know everything don't ya think?

Statins and pancreatitis: a systematic review of observational studies and spontaneous case reports.

Drug-induced acute pancreatitis

The good news is that the benefits in the case of acute pancreatitis caused by severely high lipids is that the statins seem to help lower the lipid levels thus lowering the risk of recurrent AP and worsening CP which carries a risk of pancreatic cancer. Statin therapy when one has severely high lipids seem to actually be a good thing in this case. So actually the news isn't so bad after all huh?

Sometimes I can't help but stir the pot  :-)

If you happen to be on statin drug therapy for a supposed heart attack risk and have suffered acute pancreatitis you may want to re-think why you are on those drugs to begin with since cholesterol isn't THE major player in atherosclerotic heart disease. However ...

Statin drugs are a MAJOR revenue source for big pharma. In fact, Lipitor, before it went off patent, averaged over 5 BILLION in revenue each year. ONE drug, 5 BILLION in revenue. So who is blowing smoke at who?

By the way statins also deplete CoQ10, actually they inhibit the bodies production of CoQ10 and since CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body with the largest amounts found in the heart (it strengthens the heart wall muscle so it pumps good and strong) you should consider supplementing CoQ10 or eating a boat load of salmon each week. Supplements would probably be the best answer.


  1. I have posted in other places, but not sure where to put this particular item of information. I think I have found the cause of my pancreatitis. Here is a link that states that some herbal remedies are linked to pancreatitis. Prior to my own current episode, I had been taking Valerian every evening for 2 weeks to help with insomnia. Something to look into?

    1. Believe it or not there are a lot of drugs OTC and prescription both and herbal concoctions that can cause acute pancreatitis. This PubMed article also mentions Valerian as a potential instigator of AP