About Me and Pancreatitis

First of all I am NOT a doctor. I thought I wanted to become one when I was a young boy but I also wanted to be a Marine, Cowboy, Forest Ranger and super hero. I did manage to become a Marine.

When I became ill I depended upon doctors to diagnose and fix me. Unfortunately I found they were more wrong than right. However, when I located and obtained an appointment with Dr. Langdon that all changed because he persisted until he succeeded in finding the problem, Pancreatitis.

Living with Pancreatitis

Living with pancreatitis sucks. It's a daily struggle with good days and not so good days but if you take the appropriate actions and learn to prevent attacks before they occur, you'll be way ahead of most people who suffer with pancreatitis.

I am going to share with you exactly how I enjoy life, as much as possible, while living with pancreatitis. For example:

1) The 4 steps you must take in order to neutralize an attack within the shortest time possible in order to lessen or prevent damage.

2) What, how and when to eat to limit the possibilty of more attacks and damage.

3) The complete regemin I strictly adhere to in order to allow my pancreas to heal and stay healed.

4) The #1 liquid you can not consume and why, if you do it, you are absolute proof your mother should have used birth control.

And a whole lot more.

Remember This About Pancreatitis

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis you are in a life battle because your pancreas, for some reason, is trying to destroy itself, thereby killing you. This is serious business. Your goal should be to save your pancreas from destruction. You need to win the battle. So think like a warrior by realizing ...

"Every battle is won before it is fought" - Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

To win the battle with pancreatitis you must take swift, decisive action by preventing more acute pancreatic attacks and potential, unrepairable pancreatic damage. Your actions will determine the difference between life and death. Let's make it life shall we?

Why Have I Started This Pancreatitis Blog?

I have written this pancreatitis blog for one reason and one reason only and that reason is to share what I have found works (through years of dealing with acute and chronic pancreatitis) to stop acute pancreatitis, heal the damage acute and chronic pancreatitis causes to the pancreas and possibly help a few people to heal and lead an almost normal productive life without being butchered by some surgeon.

The information on this blog is free.

Even though I have been told I should write a book I have no intention of doing so. There is a reason for that which is: I totally believe God guided me to what I have learned. You may or may not believe that is entirely your prerogative but since I totally believe God led me to these pancreatitis pain relief solutions while protecting me from death and taking in to consideration He didn't charge me one dime I can see no other way than to return His kindness by doing likewise.

A couple years ago He (God) whispered in my ear to share what I have been taught. I turned a deaf ear for quite sometime simply because I didn't realize how many suffered from pancreatitis but eventhough there are quite a number of online support groups many are full of the same people which leads me to believe the market isn't to dang big in regards to an online income stream. But there is more to it ...

Let's talk about money more deeply because there are those who are going to think I am doing this simply to take advantage of people who are in pain and looking for pancreatitis pain relief and hope.

Nothing could be farther from the truth and here's why ...

I do make my income online but $.40 (40 cents) to maybe $4 in the form of a one-time commission (if someone bought everything, all the products I recommend, through my links) just doesn't do much for me in regards to excitement or thoughts of riches. I prefer recurring monthly commissions (residual - do the work once and get paid for a long time) or larger ($25 - $200) one time commissions. I wouldn't walk across the street for $.40. And here is the kicker ...

I don't care where you buy the products that I'll recommend you buy in order to overcome pancreatitis. Just buy them, they work. Buy them at your local health store. Fred Myers usually carries them (or similar brands). Let me say that again ...

I don't give a rat's ass where you buy the products.

This is NOT my dream money niche.

If it were about money or a niche I was even remotely interested in regarding income I would be capturing your names via an autoresponder web form and sending you messages twice per week with information and offers to generate income.

You'll never see that (a webform) on this blog or any of my sites dealing with pancreatitis because I am simply not interested. The money ain't there to justify the time and effort. And ...

Once I have shared what I do, I'll most likely be done because there are only so many ways you can say the same thing and as far as I am concerned this isn't rocket science. You either want to heal your pancreas or you don't and frankly whatever you choose is fine with me. You can do with the information whatever you deem to be prudent but keep this in mind ...

Whatever you do in regards to information contained on this site you do at your own risk - period.

Are we clear?

Now, let me step back for a second and even though my regard for doctors, in most cases, is not high let me say this ...

When Severe Acute Pancreatitis Strikes Your Life May Depend Upon A Skilled Surgeon

IF you or someone else finds themselves in a significant, impending death situation from severe acute pancreatitis then surgery, such as debriding necrotic tissue and other procedures, may be necessary to save your life but aside from those situations I wouldn't let a surgeon even close to my pancreas and ...

Knowing what I now know I may even have a difficult time with allowing my pancreas to be butchered even when things look that bad because ...

Once your pancreas has been butchered it is most likely butchered for life and you may have to live with resulting complications that will make you wish you had simply died. Of course the medical community's answer to pancreatitis pain relief could be even more butchering such as the Berger, Frey or Whipple Procedures. Once those are done your insides won't even look like they belong to a human. Of course ...

If those procedures do not result in a cure or long-term pancreatitis pain relief and most often they do not there is always more surgical intervention available even to the point where they remove your pancreas and you live forever (forever could be short) on insulin injections and prescription pancreatic enzymes. And ...

You do realize that none of these procedures are cheap (about the price of a new car or two with one enough to purchace a Rolls Royce) and it is very unlikely that the surgeon, his staff, the hospital or anyone else involved will work for free. So ...

Whether you receive long-term pain relief from a surgical procedure or not or infact die 30 days to 6 months down the road (death occurs in approxiamtely 1- 5% depending upon which procedure within 30 days to 6 months) the sugeon and his staff will still get paid. The only one who ever loses is you.

That is the real reason for this blog and information.

To hopefully enable those who have not yet been butchered, do not suffer with severe complications, and who wish to learn how to overcome pancreatitis before it is to late the opportunity to heal the damage already done.

I am not saying that if you have suffered extensive damage you may not be able to find relief or healing but it will be a much larger, more difficult challenge. And ...

I guarantee nothing.

Are we clear?

Ok, great!

The information you'll read on this blog is not from someone who has simply read about the condition in order to gather the information necessary to write an article or create and maintain a blog. This information is from someone who has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, lived with the condition for a long time (over 30 years) and found ways to adapt, improvise and overcome.

As you read through this pancreatitis blog you will find information about symptoms, my experience with doctors along with what I think of most of them, the possible complications of the condition, the primary and secondary causes and you'll also discover what I have learned through experience about such things as diet (what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, when not to eat), the alternative, home remedies, supplements and I guess what you could call an absolute mandatory regimen I live by in order to make living with pancreatitis a lot easier and I think safer, with less possiblity of horrific complications.

So sit back, relax, grab a cup of joe to enjoy while you and I explore the in's and out's of living with pancreatitis.

Important Note: Read everything on this pancreatitis blog, including the seperate pages and all blog posts, as your time permits. And ...

If you need to leave, bookmark this blog or better yet email the link to yourself and place it in a folder named "Living with Pancreatitis" so that you can easily find it.

The reason you'll want to do that is because I seriously doubt you will find this kind of indepth, from-the-horses-mouth kind of information about living with pancreatitis anywhere else on the net.

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